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How to improve the sound quality of general speakers

1. High-quality decoding chip. Decoding chips are the key to sound quality, and the sound quality displayed by high-quality decoding chips is incomparable to those of poorer ones.


2. High-quality sound source can improve the sound quality effect. Sound sources, namely timbre resources, are divided into two categories. The first group is the hardware sound source, the most common way of presentation is electronic musical instruments, the internal hardware has a huge sound library support, and generally has the most outstanding tone samples on the market;


The second category is software audio sources. This type of audio source needs to run on the MIDI interface of the computer and needs the support of the host software. The common format is VST, which is loaded and used by the host. The quality of the sound is determined solely by the developer's sampling level, which is fair Evaluation, excellent sound source can achieve the effect of fake and real.