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Why is your power amplifier always broken? Because it’s wrong to choose the power amplifier

We all know that commercial space emphasizes high-fidelity sound quality and uniform music. But many people don't have any concept of audio, and they don't know much about power amplifiers. So how to choose power amplifiers for commercial space?


First of all, the power amplifier is actually a power amplifier, whose function is to amplify the weak signal from the audio source or the pre-amplifier to promote the sound of the speaker.


Power amplifiers can be divided into many types, which can be distinguished by power amplifiers in commercial spaces, which are roughly divided into: digital power amplifiers and transformer power amplifiers. The most essential difference between the two is that the resolution is different. The resolution of the digital power amplifier is much better than that of the transformer power amplifier. But most of the power amplifiers on the market are transformer power amplifiers.


Regarding mono and stereo: If it is a home theater, the stereo surround effect can make people feel as if the sound is on the scene, but the store is different. The store pays attention to the high fidelity of the sound quality and the uniformity of the music, so the mono Is a better choice. If you are in a shop, the left and right ears have two different sounds, the sounds from the two speakers are different, or the music sound effects are different, etc., it will sound weird, even to the extent that you can’t hear it. It affects the experience.


The last is the function of the power amplifier: in fact, the power amplifier in the commercial space does not require various interfaces and knobs. This is for enthusiasts, but in the commercial space, the power amplifiers are often operated by ordinary shop assistants, who will not know how to operate. Yes, and the consequences of random adjustment of the knobs and random insertion of the interface are the strange sound, and even the entire power amplifier. Therefore, the commercial space actually only needs a knob to adjust the volume.